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Ersilia Di Nitto is a fully qualified and insured Clinical Reflexologist based in central London.

Facial, Auricular, Hand and Foot Reflexology expert, Ersilia performs in clinic sessions as well as private consultation and treatment in the comfort of your own home or your office, throughout London.

Her treatments are holistically designed around each client. No two people are alike, so neither are Ersilia's sessions, taking into account your presenting symptoms alongside your lifestyle, mental attitudes, emotions, previous experiences and relationships, as all these factors are always involved in the disease process as much as in the healing process.

Whether you are looking for support with an existing health condition, want to reduce your day-to-day stress levels or would just like a little "me" time, her aim is to get you feeling healthier, happier and energised with specially-tailored Reflexology treatments. She is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy founded on the principle that our face, ears, feet and hands are a reflection of our entire body - where each area corresponds to organs, glands and systems. By applying specific techniques and different pressure to these areas, a Reflexologist can help the body restore its own healthy balance. Reflexology is an ancient form of treatment and evidence has been found for some form of foot, ear and hand therapy being practised in China and Egypt more than four thousand years ago.

The Holistic approach

The term Holistic comes from the Greek word Holos meaning 'Whole'. Reflexology aims to treat the individual as a whole, creating a state of harmony in body, mind, spirit and emotions. It has the benefit of also being a deeply relaxing therapy, and during periods of relaxation the body takes the opportunity to heal, restore and energise itself. Reflexology is a wonderful way of maintaining your general wellbeing, reducing the stresses and tensions that come with busy lifestyles, supporting your natural healing processes and giving you a space to reflect on the mind as well as the body.

Reflexology is for everyone

Reflexology is a very popular complementary therapy suitable for all ages, from baby to adult, and can be especially helpful for long-term and recurring conditions. Many of my clients use Reflexology as a way to help them manage: stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, panic attacks, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, tense body, back pain, heartburn, IBS, constipation, fertility problems, libido, pregnancy symptoms, hormonal imbalance, PMS, irregular period, menopause, oedema, immune system disorders, chronic conditions, chemotherapy side effects.


In Reflexology the client is treated holistically, in other words, any treatment and advice takes into account the physical, mental, emotional, social and cultural aspects that define the client. Symptoms have a positive meaning as they tell us that one or more of these aspects are out of balance. For these reasons Reflexology should not be confused with massage: while massage is designed to relieve tension throughout the muscles, Reflexology uses body maps that are on the feet, hands, ears and face, where each area mirrors specific body organs and systems. Reflexology supports you to restore your natural balance.


Reflexology can induce a deep state of relaxation, which improves the effectiveness of the treatment. Relaxation can help to: relieve muscle tension and chronic pain, reduce anxiety, improve focus and mood, slow the heart rate and breathing rate, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, control blood sugar, boost the immune system, balance the endocrine system, aid circulation, increase the flow of nutrients, oxygen and energy to all parts of the body, remove toxins.


Health is an ongoing process of renewal not a permanent state of perfection. The key to health is to understand ourselves, enhancing our strengths and minimizing all those behaviours that drain our innate energy. The patient represents the most important part of the healing process. While it is not a cure, Reflexology can be particularly helpful in managing many health conditions, especially constant or recurring ones that we might have come to accept over time as being a normal part of life.

Promotes deep relaxation

Balances emotions

Improves general well-being

Improves sleep

Uplifts mood

Helps relieve tension and pain

Reduces stress and anxiety

Reflexology treatments are a great ally to relax the body and mind, helping to restore a state of balance known as homeostasis. It is usually safe to have Reflexology alongside conventional medicine, but if you are currently having any medical treatment please speak to your healthcare professional before booking an appointment.

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Home visits: I also offer private consultation and treatment throughout London. Areas include, and are not restricted to, Belgravia, Battersea, Canary Warf, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, Greenwich, Holland Park, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Marylebone, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Pimlico, St. James's, Victoria, Westminster.

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  • The Lanesborough Club & Spa - The treatment price includes the access to the Spa, for a pure moment of relaxation and pleasure. For info and bookings please visit their website.
  • Belgravia, Marylebone and Monument Light Centre - Initial consultation & treatment £100 (60 mins). Follow ups: £95 (50 mins), £75 (30 mins), £120 (80 mins). Packages with discounted prices are available.
  • Home visits - £120 (60 mins), £140 (90 mins).

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